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Elixir Of Youth

P reviously, I was spending $89.00 plus shipping on 1.75 ounces of a face lotion that promised results it never delivered. It was a dermatologist recommended face lotion that was supposed to fix my problem skin, but it was making it worse. I broke out the first day after applying it and I had mini acne breakouts after two weeks of use. I remember waking up one morning and freaking out when I saw my high school acne face staring back at me in the mirror. Hello puberty...again! I had almost forgotten what those dreaded giant red bumps looked like, and of course, there is a giant one on the tip of my nose, proudly getting bigger by the minute with every pump of blood from my freaking out heart. The new lotion that was supposed to be my savior, was making my skin oily and then dry, and my smile lines, fine lines, and wrinkles seemed to be getting worse instead of better. However, the real reason I stopped using it, was when I turned it over and read the list of chemicals in it. I had had

Sweating It!

A fter visiting the Florida Grub Hub this week, Laura, the shop owner told me the funniest story of a mutual friend. Laura said that our friend came into the store and told Laura that she loved the way the Shoogie smelled but was concerned that it wasn't working because, she was still sweating... Laura laughed and informed her that Shoogie is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant...and that got me thinking that I should do a post on this.  One should know the benefits of sweating...and for goodness sake, put on some Shoogie so you can smell good when you do. But First...The Difference Between Deodorants and Antiperspirants Deodorants and antiperspirants are not one and the same.  Deodorants don't do much to actually stop you from sweating, they instead target the bacteria that feed on your sweat. They often contain ingredients that make your underarms inhospitable to these colonies or include antibacterial chemicals like triclosan to kill off the bacteria before t