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Purchasing Power

T here's nothing on the planet quite like a hurricane to level the playing field for all people of any economic status.  Whether you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between, a hurricane doesn't discriminate.  It sweeps through, bringing the furry of wind, rain, debris, unfamiliar pathogens, flash floods, sometimes tornadoes, and it doesn't care about your skin color or how much you bring home every week. It's the first or second weekend in August, the candles (about 15 of them huddled in their jars on a giant charger in the middle of the table) are lit, a bottle of wine is cracked and my husband's cousin, Malisa and I are having a serious conversation in my screened in back porch...we call it fire talk in the winter when we light the giant fire bowl and sit outside sipping wine or hot cocoa...but it's Florida and winter is nowhere in sight least not for months... so tonight, it is candle talk.   The sticky, humid night greet us, with mosquitoes so th