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Freaking Out!

Yesterday was a big day for me in terms of the business.  I got to fulfill an order for military personnel stationed overseas, to whom I don't know, and someone from Greece contacted me to start carrying Shoogie in all her beauty supply stores in Greece and on her online store...thank you Etsy for making the world smaller. I have to admit, I had a major freak out moment though when I opened her email up this morning to see the magnitude of the amount of products she is requesting in her store from me.  As of right now, it is just me doing every single aspect of the business.  I knew this year I was probably going to have to hire someone, but I never envisioned it to be this soon.  Tony and I were having the conversation the other night of what would happen if a big retail person or chain were to pick up my brand.  I was thinking it would be somewhere here in America first, but I suppose Europeans really know that chemicals are the devil and America is just now catching up. In