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I have a dinner party to attend tonight and I am always looking for ways to make things with the freshest and most tasty ingredients.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love of cooking and baking and out of that love has come the Shoogie line.  All of the ingredients I use in my products are food grade, with the exception of a few essential oils like Sandalwood and Eucalyptus, but if you are a Koala Bear, then I guess it is food grade for you. So, with that in mind, this week I have decided to post my recipe for an unusual drink combination that is not only lovely, but fresh and summery.  You most certainly could omit the Vodka if you are making mocktails...but if you want the fun , keep it in. I started by making the simple syrup: 1 C. Water 3/4 C. Raw Honey 1/4 C. Raw Sugar 3-4 sprigs Rosemary Boil all these ingredients in a pan for a few minutes then turn off and cool.  Pour into a tightly sealed mason jar and let sit in the fridge for 1 week so you get the rosemary

Zombies Are Real!

Love it or hate it, if you are like me, you have noticed it lately... zombies, disguised as people, enraptured by their handheld device searching for elusive creatures... Yes... I am talking about the new Pokemon Go craze that is sweeping the world.  My two young kids discovered this game 4 days ago and have been begging me to actually take them outside...get this...during the heat of the day... to search for these cute little made up creatures that pop up on your screen while you walk around your town...or drive, but I will get to that later. Lately, I have been trying to make a video twice a month and I was compelled to do one on sunscreen while walking around with my kids in our neighborhood searching for the creatures.  I know I must have looked like an absolute crazy lady...I was a vision to behold in jogging pants, tee shirt, hat, sunglasses and giant umbrella trying to shield myself from the scorching sun and possibly trying to stay the same shade of mocha I am without getti

Quest For A Poop-less Pup

My five year old has been on a mission to attain a dog for our house for some time now.  Things have really exacerbated this past year, you know, now that she's, and I quote, "not a baby anymore."  Each week of this summer has been fraught with plans of trying to sneak over to my neighbor's house and spend time with Shadow and Panzer, two well behaved, large dogs.  When she's not trying to sneak over there to see them, she is trying to sneak them into our house for a little sleep over, as I caught her in her room making a pallet on the floor for Shadow to come over and sleep for a night. My husband and I discussed doing a "having a dog test run" with one of the neighbors dogs for a few days while my daughter was at the house without her brother to see if she could actually take care of one without assistance from anyone else.  And that's when I got the call from my father in law's girlfriend.  She has an older Chesapeake that needed a place to

That Is Not Whipped Cream!

"What are you making today, babe?" My husband greedily eyes a batch of what appears to be whipped cream that I am beating with the handheld mixer. And for some reason, today I am feeling, I don't stop him as he picks up the spatula that holds the leftovers of the creamy white goodness I am whipping up.  I watch in almost slow motion with rapt attention as he puts it to his lips and licks it...but alas, it is not my usual whipped cream, for today I am fulfilling two Etsy orders of whipped Citrus Mint Shave Balm. "That is not whipped cream," he says running to the sink with foaming lips to rinse his mouth out.  I smile impishly and say, "That's what you get!   And no, it is not whipped cream, that is my new shaving balm." "Oh perfect," he says, "I was just about to get some from the store, I am out of it." "Well, I made double," I say, "and it is a lot like the old fashioned shave balm.  Have