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Spring Sangria Recipe

S angria is kind my jam...and by that, I mean, I enjoy making it, I like sharing my recipes with friends, and I especially looooooove drinking it.  It makes my taste buds happy, it is refreshing, it has two of my favorite things in and fruit, and it is good for you, you know, for a sane mind...have a glass after a long day and you will start to relax kind of good for you.   I had a really great batch at this restaurant in Miami called Naked Taco with my friend Teresa last month while we were waiting to attend the SOBE WFF.  We had a sip and ordered a which we polished off the entire thing within two hours.  It was cold and tasty and made with brewed tea instead of fruit juice so it wasn't overly sweet.  I told her the next time I came across a mediocre batch of wine that I was going to brew up some of this deliciousness.  That mediocre bottle came last night.  I opened a zinfandel that was a bit acidic and sharp and I couldn't drink it rig