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Bras and B.O.

I t's President's Day, and I have taken my kids to a place called Monkey Madness and it is a madhouse in here!  This place, here in Ocala, is filled with fluffy bounce houses and obstacle courses, children's laughter, squeals of delight, and general sounds of playground banter... but one problem is, I think every mom has the same idea as me today. This morning I had a doctors appointment and I promised to take the kids for pancakes and fruit and yogurt parfaits followed by a small bout of clothing shopping for Roman, as this morning, he seems to have grown an inch in his sleep last night.  Giada doesn't want to be left out of the shopping fun, and I see her curiously eyeballing the women's section across the store and poking her tiny body through the bottom of some pretty enormous ladies bras. This past weekend, Tony, Giada and I were watching Lady Gaga sing on a YouTube video at the Victoria's Secret fashion show when Roman comes in.  "Hey guys,

With All My Heart

I believe you should express your love and appreciation for the ones you love through your thoughtfulness and actions all through the year.  I also believe that being mindful of the ones you love and thinking about them and doing things consistently makes a big statement about how much you love and care about them.  But a holiday like Valentine's Day  could give one the excuse to spoil those they care about, so I could see how this is appealing.   What is not appealing however, is the stress, negativity, and plain craziness that ensues when people forget the meaning of spending time with the ones they love and try to make up for it with meaningless gifts.  I can't express the awe and compassion I feel on Valentine's Day when I run into the drug store for a pack of cotton balls and pass the card aisle...littered with crazed men, hovering bodies deep like sharks swarming around a bucket of chum in the water.   I feel like right in that card aisle, I might witness the &q