With All My Heart

I believe you should express your love and appreciation for the ones you love through your thoughtfulness and actions all through the year.  I also believe that being mindful of the ones you love and thinking about them and doing things consistently makes a big statement about how much you love and care about them.  But a holiday like Valentine's Day  could give one the excuse to spoil those they care about, so I could see how this is appealing.  

What is not appealing however, is the stress, negativity, and plain craziness that ensues when people forget the meaning of spending time with the ones they love and try to make up for it with meaningless gifts.  I can't express the awe and compassion I feel on Valentine's Day when I run into the drug store for a pack of cotton balls and pass the card aisle...littered with crazed men, hovering bodies deep like sharks swarming around a bucket of chum in the water.  

I feel like right in that card aisle, I might witness the "Black Friday" like craziness that ensues when someone gets that last $99.00 big screen TV...you know the scene where people forget they are actually people and lose their freaking minds and turn barbaric, resorting to pushing, punching, and stepping all over one another to get out the door with the item.  I don't know about you, but that nonsense is for the birds.  Me...I prefer shopping from the comfort of my home, in my pajamas, with a glass of wine in hand...notice I said a glass of wine and not a bottle...that's the Amazon story I will leave for another day...and by the way, I have since turned off one click shopping...just saying!

Shop from home!  Say to them...I have been thinking about you...I care about you with all my heart...because what you are putting onto your body quickly ends up in your body!  Did you know your skin is the largest organ and although the absorption rates of the ingredients in products that you put on it vary, the fact is: your beauty products are ending up in your body!  They get absorbed into our blood stream.  Which means our hearts are getting exposed to the good stuff we put on our skin, but also the bad stuff too.

I know no one would knowingly slather on a creamy concoction of carcinogens (steareths, triethanolamine, or diethanolamine), hormone disruptors, (parabens) and liquid pesticides (triclosan) under their armpits daily,  but if you are using an antiperspirant or many of the store bought deodorants or other products, that is exactly what you are putting on every day.  There is a better way...enter in... Shoogie!  
Out with the bad...In with the Shoogie! 

Since turning over my beauty products...some of them touting the impressive 97% natural product label, and reading the ingredients lists on them and finding out what I was pumping through my bloodstream, I have changed up my routine quite drastically.  Switching off of SECRET deodorant nine years ago to get off the aluminum bandwagon proved to be the healthy change that I needed to rid myself of aluminum, but don't you know, I found that, the YES to grapefruit moisturizer I was using daily had a sneaky hidden ingredient...you guessed it aluminum... and that was the last time I used it and started making my own after many experiments 2 years ago.  

Then for Christmas one year, my Titi got me these luscious smelling Bath & Body Works Shea Butter Body Creams.  I began sneezing a few minutes after the first time I put them on. I was sensitive to the fragrance combination in it, so when I got home, I turned over the label and began doing the dastardly task of ingredient reading...I came upon this little gem of an ingredient butylated hydroxytoluene  or BHT for short.  Food companies use these similar chemical substances to prevent spoilage in foods with oil or shortening and to preserve many breakfast cereals (from Total to Quaker Instant Oatmeal), enriched rice products, and dried soups. Repeated studies have shown that BHA and BHT increase the risk of cancer as well as accumulate in body tissue, cause liver enlargement, and retard the rate of DNA synthesis and thus, cell development.  Needless to say, that lotion does not go on my body any more!  Instead I use either Shoogie Sunblock if I am going to be outdoors or Shoogie massage oil if I am going to be out at night or indoors.  

February is the month we celebrate...or don't celebrate in some cases and I have found soooo many funny memes of anti-valentine's day holiday celebration parties...our love for others.  But because Valentine's day is is so commercialized, my husband and I wanted to get away from that and made a decision when we were dating not to celebrate Valentine's Day...and some of our friends think we are crazy, but hey, it has worked for 18 years, so why mess up a good thing.
Put only good stuff onto your skin...eventually it will land up in your heart.

We show each other our love throughout the year by doing kind deeds for one another, being thoughtful, and teaching our kids this way of living too.  We have a saying around the house when one person gets into it with the other...we call it "not being sweet" and on more than one occasion, my kids have come up with ways of describing the offending action of not being sweet.  My daughter picked up on an issue my husband and I were working out in the kitchen one day and said, "guys, guys...stop word wrestling...be sweet." We all laughed, and explained to her that each person is different and has a different way of doing things and sometimes you have to work out a compromise between the two ways.  But there is one thing I refuse to compromise on, and that is the things that I am putting onto my kids that is affecting their tiny growing hearts.  I make Shoogie for my family because I care for them with all my heart.  

I am able to make Shoogie for others because of a friend who saw the value in what I was doing for my family, and now I am able to share it with others.    So when you give a gift for Valentine's Day, or any other day, let it be a gift filled with intention for the well being of someone you care about.  A gift from your heart that will put good things into their heart.  www.shoogiecompany.com 


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