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Nine Lives & Onions

T hey say a cat has nine lives, and my husband affectionately refers to me as his cat...oh the double entendre here, but the kids don't have to know about that until they get waaaay older.  In our family of 4, two of us are cats and two of us are dogs...what I mean by that is, my husband and daughter are like a puppy dog when they give affection...very in your face, all over you, totally overwhelming, smooching like if you don't cover every square inch of a face with slobber, it wasn't done correctly so you must begin all over know, just to make sure you didn't miss a spot with germs and drool.   My son and I are the cats in the family...totally content with a solid smooch and hug and then happy to saunter off into the corner to... you know do cat stuff... like having space and enjoying not being held down and tortured with the affectionate energy of a growing puppy... all the time... probably the real subconscious reason why I won't get the kids a p