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Help Prevent Sunburn By Doing This...

N o more tantrums, fights, or parent vs. squirmy child to get that sunblock on their face.  The sun is hot, brutal and blistering, in fact it's close to 100 degrees here almost every day in August, and there is no way I am enjoying more than 15 minutes in our Florida sunshine without sunblock and of course without sweating like I am in a sauna, and that is NOT the goal today.  I am sitting behind my bright computer screen hammering away on the keys in my gloriously cool house watching the birds outside fighting for the shade of my bottle brush tree.   This Wednesday, my friend Stacey and I and our tribe of children got together for a summer movie, lunch and some playing out in that Florida sunshine at the downtown splash pad.  My other friend, Michelle and her two kiddos joined us late afternoon at the splash pad and they got to test the new Mermaid Sunblock firsthand. I am not joking when I say they were practically fighting each other to get to the gloriously colored and