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Grown-up Popsicles

S ummer quickly approaches and I can tell by the amount of Naughty Bits & Pits I have been using, and by the way my front lawn grass is folding over on itself in protest to the scorching sun.  Our summer starts in Florida in the month of April, literally a week after Easter, and as a mom, I longingly look over at the amount of popsicles my children are consuming without worry of those luscious calories sitting on their bodies like us parents do...I mean the sugar alone in them, you might as well pour a cup of sugar into a bowl and give them a spoon, sooooo that was out for me.  However, I started thinking about how this lady could incorporate the refreshing feeling of a pop without all the sugar, and lets add in some heart healthy benefits...that's right...WINE! I know I have joked about this before, but I am certain that my entire family that doesn't see me at my house every day, really thinks I am a bonified W-I-N-O.  I assure you I am not, I mean I TRY to drink m