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Revolutionary Shoogie Facial

T he Shoogie Facial...the long awaited and amazing thing that reveals new skin and helps your Shoogie products to absorb better into your skin. you can feel it working as soon as you swipe on that first yummy smelling gritty paste of pink Himalayan Salt and Papaya Enzyme goodness packed with a bunch of other amazing ingredients. It is salty like the sea, and if you get it on your lips, it tastes just like a swim in the ocean...but what exactly do all these ingredients do for you? Sometimes reading them is daunting, but once you find out what their function is, you are coming back for more. Here is a guide to d emystifying the amazing ingredients inside the Shoogie Facial… Anti-Inflammatory: Madagascar Vanilla Magnesium Sulfate Aloe Vera Anti-oxidants: Rice bran Green tea Camu camu Skin Toning: Spirulina Papaya Enzymes Red algae Skin Soothing: Kaolin Clay Rice Bran Vitamin and Mineral