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Trail Shenanigan's Part 2 (Naked and Busted)

M y friend, Dana, thinks it is a strange and twisted way to celebrate, being out in the woods with no modern conveniences, but her idea of camping and roughing it is, in a hotel room, with no room service or a pool.  At a party at one of our houses recently, my husband and I recanted the tale of last year's adventure involving the rape whistle and a bear, and an Appalachian Trail hiker that approached me and proceeded to hold a semi-lengthy conversation with me as I was bathing stark naked in a very cold mountain stream. What you should know about this particular day was that it was very sunny and a bit humid, and that entire day, we had not run into a single other soul.  After being on the trail for two days already, with no places to bathe or wash the funk of the trail off, we came upon a waterfall slash stream combo that already had a perfect spot smack in the middle where you could sit on the flat rock and let the water crash over your smelly, exhausted body (I feel sorry f

Trail Shenanigan's Part 1 (Poop Trowel Battle)

I t has been four weeks since my last post...(I feel like I am in a confession booth) and for a good reason.  I have been preparing my body and mind for the daunting task of tackling the Appalachian Trail for a second year in a row with my husband on our anniversary.  We get wild ideas like this for 'fun' every once in a while and then we subject ourselves to the task of carrying the ideas out.  Last year we hiked the Appalachian trail in Georgia with hopes of putting in on the approach trail before Springer Mountain.  Once we arrived in Georgia, a treacherous storm with massive flooding and trail washout put a stop to that idea, so we spent the first 3 days of our trip drinking a lot of Georgia wine, which is horrid, and eating a lot of southern comfort food which is divine.  After far too much bad wine, we finally had the bright idea to scrap the approach trail idea and went in favor of climbing the highest peak on the AT in Georgia instead, Blood Mountain.  Until I meet