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Great Balls Of Fire!

In my first ever blog post I told everyone the funny story of my husband sneaking into my bathroom for my Shoogie deodorant when he ran out of his Old Spice...what I didn't tell you about is his Shoogie deodorant "episode" that spawned one of my best selling products, Naughty Bits & Pits, in the Florida Grub Hub storefront and on Etsy. What you should know about my husband is that he is extremely dedicated to running.  He completed his first half marathon roughly ten years ago before we had our kids.  He has had an off and on love affair with running and had a rough year running after he got a promotion at work in 2014.   Now that things are settled down a bit, he has been back hitting the pavement and trails in his running shoes. With that being said, a "short run" day for him is to the tune of a "minuscule" 3 miles, which in my book is quite a feat considering my loathing of doing that type of exercise for fun ...I don't get it.  I have run

Longing For A Stink Cure

I don't know how many other people grew up with holistic, hippie parents, but for some reason I feel the number is quite low after recanting my coming of age horror stories... where by the way, I literally almost died of embarrassment. Take middle school gym class locker room for example...While all the other kids were filling the air with the aroma of spray on antiperspirants, I was shamefully hiding away in a corner of the locker room, wetting my salt rock and trying to apply that wretched thing before anyone saw me. I remember those fragile preteen years longing for a deodorant that worked because I was tired of being the skinny girl that smelled like weird food and onions all the time.  I remember mom's lectures of how those other deodorants were poison, and we were making almost weekly trips down to the health food store in search of the holy grail of natural deodorant that would work on my changing body. I remember going to school each week with a new deodorant and