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Who is Shoogie Mama?

I AM SHOOGIE COMPANY!  When you call the number on the bottom of my website, you don't get transferred to a call center in India to talk with a representative who has no idea who you are.  I put my number on the bottom of my bags, business cards and anything else I can get my product logo on, because I want to share a better smelling, natural and healthier way of living with you, that I have created for my friends and family.    When you buy Shoogie Company products for yourself or someone else, know that I have tested and cooked every recipe...on my my house.  Then, I lovingly pour, label, and pack every item by hand...even those tubes of lip balm everyone loves.  My hands have gotten more steady, and each time I pour one, I get better at it.  The greatest compliment you could give me is to tell a story to your friends and family about how one of my products has either changed your life, or at the very least, your purchasing power to me, a local Ocala girl who has

December Shoogie Workshop Recipes

I n my first ever attempt at doing a workshop with two other fantastic businesses that I support in our Ocala community, The Florida Grub Hub and art teacher Sheila Ramos, I somehow got myself wrangled into holding a workshop before the holidays to show people how easy and great it is to eat healthier and change your buying habits to local, natural and organic things...I am always throwing around the mantra of "wanting to live like a hippie but not smell like one" which is why the Shoogie Company products I make smell like baked goods rather than that granola toting hippie scent that happens in your nasal passages when you get a good whiff of the other know what I am talking about...patchouli...the Darth Vader of the essential oil galaxy, used to be good, but turned bad.   As appealing as my mother would have you believing that patchouli smells sensual and divine, the scent has always burned my nostrils and I can sniff someone wearing it a mile away.  Now don&#