Who is Shoogie Mama?

I AM SHOOGIE COMPANY!  When you call the number on the bottom of my website, you don't get transferred to a call center in India to talk with a representative who has no idea who you are.  I put my number on the bottom of my bags, business cards and anything else I can get my product logo on, because I want to share a better smelling, natural and healthier way of living with you, that I have created for my friends and family.
When you buy Shoogie Company products for yourself or someone else, know that I have tested and cooked every recipe...on my stove...at my house.  Then, I lovingly pour, label, and pack every item by hand...even those tubes of lip balm everyone loves.  My hands have gotten more steady, and each time I pour one, I get better at it.  The greatest compliment you could give me is to tell a story to your friends and family about how one of my products has either changed your life, or at the very least, your purchasing power to me, a local Ocala girl who has the best...fill in the blank with your favorite Shoogie Company product.

Me, feeling glamorous inside a 1967 GTO in period hair and wardrobe.

Few know... but not everyone does...this year I have spent a butt load of time and energy into label making and marketing my products to look professional, and I feel like I have succeeded, but maybe to the point that people do not realize that I actually make everything myself.  I have worked on branding and re-evaluating the purchase of my product containers to be recyclable, down to the glue used on the wrappers.  My business cards are printed on recycled paper, the products themselves are biodegradable and have no preservatives, and the plastic containers I now use are recyclable too.  

I am humbled to call myself an entrepreneur because, honestly, sometimes I don't feel like one, until, of course, tax time when I am staring down my accounting software and looking at all those colorful, confusing graphs that tell you the non personal story for your business year.  My friend Laura, owner of The Florida Grub Hub, and I have had a great year of brainstorming ways to change the way people think about buying things, and I think we have come up with some good ideas for 2017.    

One thing I am implementing this 2017 year is delivery service on Fridays to accounts in Ocala.  If you call me and make an order, I can either mail it to your house for a postage fee, or deliver it to your doorstep on Friday...so kind of like Amazon...at least convenience wise.

By  making a small change in the way you buy things, it makes a difference not only in our local economy, but overall.  When you buy one of my products you are contributing to my children, Roman and Giada's art lessons, public education classes that I give, and you are investing in your own health by not putting chemicals and extra junk into your body...I would call that a win-win!  

So food for thought in the new year:
1.  YOU have the power to change your community one purchase at a time
2.  YOU have the power to provide yourself and your family with healthier, all natural body care products that are good for you and won't break your bank.
3.  YOU can call me, and talk to me, and I will handle your order from my stove top to your doorstep.

You NEED some Shoogie in your life...call me...352.438.7490... www.shoogiecompany.com


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