Bras and B.O.

It's President's Day, and I have taken my kids to a place called Monkey Madness and it is a madhouse in here!  This place, here in Ocala, is filled with fluffy bounce houses and obstacle courses, children's laughter, squeals of delight, and general sounds of playground banter... but one problem is, I think every mom has the same idea as me today.

This morning I had a doctors appointment and I promised to take the kids for pancakes and fruit and yogurt parfaits followed by a small bout of clothing shopping for Roman, as this morning, he seems to have grown an inch in his sleep last night.  Giada doesn't want to be left out of the shopping fun, and I see her curiously eyeballing the women's section across the store and poking her tiny body through the bottom of some pretty enormous ladies bras.

This past weekend, Tony, Giada and I were watching Lady Gaga sing on a YouTube video at the Victoria's Secret fashion show when Roman comes in.

 "Hey guys, what are you watching?"

To which we reply, "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" while the camera pans out to show the enormous amount of people in the audience.

Roman says, "Whoa mom, that seems like a really bad secret...there's like a million people there." We all burst out laughing.

Today, it is Giada's turn to make Roman and I laugh.  In the store, Giada calls us to look over at her modeling the bra "like the Victoria's Secret models" she says.  Roman and I look over at her and laugh as she is swallowed up by the over sized contraption and she laughs then seriously sighs loudly saying, "Mom, I wish I had boobs.  When am I going to get boobs?"

"Probably not for a few years, baby." I explain to her, "Mommy didn't get boobs until high school, and you and me are pretty much the same size at your age."

"Well, I wish I had them.  These bras are so pretty," she says as she feels the fabric through her fingers and looks at the designs. heart is conflicted between melting at her noticing the beautiful designs and materials on them and panic at the thought of her being old enough to have boobs and going real bra shopping with her.  I remember my first bra.  I was 13, and my mom reluctantly took me to TJMaxx for our shopping trip.  I was so tiny around that nothing was fitting around my small rib cage.  No "real" bras in the store fit me so I ended up leaving with a few sports bras with no cups in them to boost my tiny growing anthills.  I remember feeling disappointed at not being able to take home something pretty and lacy like some of my friends at school had for years now.

There were a few things I was ahead at though, scholastics, and the stench department, as I had B.O. since I was about 8, but everything else in my life was late to bloom.  I wish there were natural products back then that worked for my stink...and because I make Shoogie, my little ones will never have to suffer the embarrassment of being stinky...but I feel they will be doomed to be as petite as me.

Teaching your kids to love and accept themselves the way they are is a a constant battle as media outlets are always there at the ready to bombard their curious and growing minds with images of false perfection.   Radio, social media and  TV commercial breaks contain tons of products that are not healthy or good for their growing bodies and minds, but they are presented so cleverly that it literally brainwashes them into being loyal to a brand before they could even begin using that brand.  A perfect example of this brand loyalty is my own daughter, but I don't feel bad one bit about the brand she is loyal to...of course it is Shoogie.  Not only because it is named after her, but she has overheard me countless time explaining to others that I put love and only natural and organic things into each product and the things that I don't put into them, like chemicals, or anything that isn't natural and good for you.

Mothers use my products on their babies, I use it on myself and my babies, my family and friends use them, and knowing that they are handmade with quality ingredients, no fillers, and with love and care is so important to me.  Because my children were so allergic to store bought products, I have crafted much of my line out of necessity in order to keep them healthy.  It really makes my day when a mom comes up to me after using my products on one of her kids and tells me a heartwarming story about their kids never being able to do such and such before because their kids couldn't use any of the store bought junk.  Nature really does provide us with all we need, and the right combination can make all the difference between a healthy and happy life.  To view the products and get free shipping on some orders go to


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