Zombies Are Real!

Love it or hate it, if you are like me, you have noticed it lately... zombies, disguised as people, enraptured by their handheld device searching for elusive creatures...

Yes... I am talking about the new Pokemon Go craze that is sweeping the world.  My two young kids discovered this game 4 days ago and have been begging me to actually take them outside...get this...during the heat of the day... to search for these cute little made up creatures that pop up on your screen while you walk around your town...or drive, but I will get to that later.

Lately, I have been trying to make a video twice a month and I was compelled to do one on sunscreen while walking around with my kids in our neighborhood searching for the creatures.  I know I must have looked like an absolute crazy lady...I was a vision to behold in jogging pants, tee shirt, hat, sunglasses and giant umbrella trying to shield myself from the scorching sun and possibly trying to stay the same shade of mocha I am without getting weird farmer tan lines...but that is the price I am willing to pay, so the next time I put on a short sundress, it doesn't look like I had been experimenting with a batch of self tanner that didn't quite get applied to all areas...AND DON'T LAUGH, BECAUSE I HAVE DONE THIS...ONCE...and then I swore off the stuff!

Before we left for our "scavenger hunt" because let's be honest, that is pretty much what it is, I had the kids slather on some Shoogie sunscreen and lip balm.  My daughter is really into making Youtube videos, so she can get quite chatty and into a role playing mode when we film them.  I'm not sure if she is excited because it is named after her, or if she just likes talking, but either way it has made for some really hilarious videos in which we have had to edit out some information that was a bit TMI...if you know what I mean.

Originally, I had asked my son to be the video model for this week, but he hates putting on sunscreen so his video was pretty much unusable.  It is the faces he makes. It is like someone is torturing him by slathering poop on his face or something, then he hates it on his palms and tries to wipe it on anything he can get his hands on nearby, whether it be another human, or a counter top, or the wall, apparently washcloths and towels just aren't in his train of thought for appropriate places to wipe off excess lotion...so we couldn't use his video...to say the least.

After thoroughly slathering ourselves with Shoogie sunblock, we attempted our search for the little creatures.  Finding a few and then deciding to head back to the house for some much needed water,  I could see up ahead at the edge of the sidewalk something peculiar.  Both kids were walking happily along like little, sweating zombies glued to their Pokemon Go app searching for the next creature when we happened upon the remains of a creature.

"Hey guys, there is a dead armadillo", I announced.

Not looking up from their screens they both exasperatedly exclaimed, "Nuh-Uh mom, there's nothing on our screens here."

Realizing that they must have interpreted 'dead armadillo' for a creature named 'Dedarmadilo', my husband and I burst out laughing.  It was then that my kids looked up from their devices and saw my husband and I pointing to the carcass of the armadillo.

"Aww, poor guy," my daughter announced.

"I didn't know you were actually talking about an armadillo, I thought you were talking about a Pokemon, mom," my son replied.

"I know you did, baby."  And that is when it dawned on me how great, but dangerous this game can be.  It is great because it gets people off their couches and out into their community again, it is a secret way to sneak in exercise, and it bridges the age gaps of people in the gaming world...but it is dangerous because people aren't really paying attention to their surroundings and sometimes you miss out on life moments and interactions between actual human beings that aren't distracted by electronic devices.

A word of advice, be in the moment, have fun, pay attention to your surroundings, pay attention to your environment too.  The sun can be a very giving thing, and too much of it can really burn you.  So keep hydrated and protect your skin and lips with All Natural Shoogie Sunscreen and Lip balm while you are out Pokemon hunting.  Get your sunscreen by clicking on the Etsy link below & Happy Hunting!


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