That Is Not Whipped Cream!

"What are you making today, babe?" My husband greedily eyes a batch of what appears to be whipped cream that I am beating with the handheld mixer.

And for some reason, today I am feeling, I don't stop him as he picks up the spatula that holds the leftovers of the creamy white goodness I am whipping up.  I watch in almost slow motion with rapt attention as he puts it to his lips and licks it...but alas, it is not my usual whipped cream, for today I am fulfilling two Etsy orders of whipped Citrus Mint Shave Balm.

"That is not whipped cream," he says running to the sink with foaming lips to rinse his mouth out.

 I smile impishly and say, "That's what you get!   And no, it is not whipped cream, that is my new shaving balm."

"Oh perfect," he says, "I was just about to get some from the store, I am out of it."

"Well, I made double," I say, "and it is a lot like the old fashioned shave balm.  Have you ever read the label on that new stuff you are buying?"

"Actually, that is weird that you say that," he says with furrowed brows. "I happened to read it for the first time because it was on the counter next to the Shoogie.  It has some really weird stuff in it and some other stuff that I have no idea what it is.  I guess I have been buying it for so long I never really think about it."
Then, that gets me thinking...thinking about all the mindless consuming I am guilty of because it is something I have always bought.  I turn the package around for my food and read what is in it, but I never turn the package around to see what is in my cosmetics and beauty products.  I think that a lot of people must do this, either for the same reasons or because, like me, they just assumed it is safe for your body because they are selling it in the store.

Newsflash...they were selling lead paint in the stores years ago, and kids were going around and licking it and getting sick...although licking paint seems like a dumb thing to do, but maybe it is a by product of the brain damage you get when you lick lead paint...I don't know, I'm not really an expert on lead poisoning...and I digress.

So, here I am today in my kitchen whipping up a batch of Shoogie Shave Balm, and maybe...just maybe, saving my husband from an early death by Triethanolamine, Kathon CG (whatever the frick that is), and Butane slash Propane.  When a can of something that you are putting on your body is literally one lighter and a puncture wound away from being an exploding fire bomb, I think I am going to say No Thank You to that from now on...and maybe get the gratification of seeing the horrified look on my husbands face as he accidentally eats another Shoogie product I am whipping up that particular day.
If you would like to try some luxurious, old fashioned, shave balm that makes your skin feel soft and smooth after you shave, click on the "I sell on Etsy" square above.  It will take you directly to my store. Or if you feel like getting in a car and driving down to Florida Grub Hub inside Infinite Ale Works in downtown Ocala, you can get the shave balm there, along with my other products.


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