Freaking Out!

Yesterday was a big day for me in terms of the business.  I got to fulfill an order for military personnel stationed overseas, to whom I don't know, and someone from Greece contacted me to start carrying Shoogie in all her beauty supply stores in Greece and on her online store...thank you Etsy for making the world smaller.

I have to admit, I had a major freak out moment though when I opened her email up this morning to see the magnitude of the amount of products she is requesting in her store from me.  As of right now, it is just me doing every single aspect of the business.  I knew this year I was probably going to have to hire someone, but I never envisioned it to be this soon.  Tony and I were having the conversation the other night of what would happen if a big retail person or chain were to pick up my brand.  I was thinking it would be somewhere here in America first, but I suppose Europeans really know that chemicals are the devil and America is just now catching up.

In the past, I have bought some great cosmetic products from Greece and they were very natural and very for someone from there to contact me is somewhat of a 360.  Plus it doesn't take much convincing for me to have to go and visit the shop and have a business meeting in Greece...I mean, hello working vacation!  Shucks, you mean I have to go to an island, surrounded by beaches and small fishing villages and culture?  You don't have to twist my arm!

I am equally excited and terrified at the prospect of this venture.  Hiring someone else to help is going to be a challenge for me because I guard my recipes like the Bush Beans Family, so it is going to have to be someone that I would trust with my kids...and that is not a lot of people...just saying.

This Sunday is Sauce Sunday at my house, so all of the family will be over and I am going to share the news with them and see if anyone is interested in doing skin care science experiments and branding with me to take this baby everywhere.  I am considering the UK next and really anyone that is interested in some seriously yummy smelling natural products for their stores.

My next move is trying to wrangle up the thousand dollars I need to get legit UPC bar codes for everything, and I have been looking for a fixer upper in the downtown area where I can make the stuff exclusively and host parties there for people to try Shoogie then buy it.

This past weekend I went to Clearwater to do a Facial Kit demo on my mother-in-law.  She called me the next morning and was elated with her results.
"How many times a week can I do that facial kit?" she asked, "I am addicted! My skin was so smooth and soft."

"It's like caffeine...once you have had it, you always need it." I said. "But you can do it up to three times a week.  You realize this is going to be a very expensive habit if you really do it three times a week."  Now, I am worried for her.  Her personality, and this facial kit, face elixir, face shield combo will probably keep her out of the plastic surgeons office for another ten years.  But three facial kits are going to cost her $45/week and that kind of habit adds up fast, especially when it works.  After doing the math though, it is less than plastic surgery and it helps to age you gracefully if you have no intentions of going for the Joan Rivers look.

Now I just have to get pretty much anyone I care about on this stuff.  It is not a hard sell, at all, when you see the crazy results the next day.  I have a guaranteed results by the end of the bottle challenge to anyone on the Face Elixir.  They take their day one picture with no make-up and a freshly washed face, facing into a good light source, then send me their picture like that every week or so until they get to the end of the bottle.  The results have been nothing short of amazing.  Their skin changes from angry and blotchy to soft and radiant.  They have fever wrinkles or less deep ones and their complexion just looks healthier.  Anything that can do that is a win in my book, so keep it coming!

This weekend, I am hosting my second Shoogie party at my house.  Ladies are coming over for Sangria and Tapas and to try the NEW Shoogie Facial Kits out.  I am so excited, and I am making a bunch of them to sell at the party because the results from just one are totally amazing.  Wish me luck this weekend, and I'll post party photos on the next blog.


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