My Chemical Rant

I am not one to rant on social media sites in general, but this week I found myself feeling utterly exasperated at how tricky cosmetic companies actually are.  I am doing a promotion for my Shoogie Face Shield, which is a daily face moisturizer with a heavy dose of nourishing ingredients and sunscreen.  After looking for another well known "natural" sunscreen product to do a side by side comparison, in my weekly Instagram ingredients posts, I became flustered.  After turning over and reading the ingredients of products I used to think were "Pure" and "Free" I discovered the dirty little secret companies hide...their ingredients read more like a science experiment, and contain ingredients that are known neurotoxins and carcinogens.

How is it that they are still ALLOWED to even sell this snake oil disguised as "protection" from the suns "harmful" rays.  I almost feel like you would be better off taking your chances with the sun, than daily slathering the largest organ in the human body, aka your skin, with something that is literally "killing you".  I know I am not the only one that feels this way, as I have talked to my husband and his boss' wife.  She is a P.E. coach who would rather take her chances with the sun and a big hat than put "those chemicals" on her body.  So when it came time for my husband's boss' birthday, we gifted his wife with Shoogie Sunscreen, SPF lip balm, and deodorant.

My original thought on my marketing campaign was to find a similarly priced product that was made somewhere else with a caption that said BUY LOCAL...buuuutttt... I started reading ingredients and realized there was something bigger going on...the only thing "Pure & Free" about Neutrogena Baby Faces was it is full of PURE CHEMICALS and FREE of Good For You organic in that respect, I guess they are not falsely advertising because they never actually say on the label what it is free of and what it is purely full of...

My next question is, Why is there aluminum in sunscreen??? The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health states that, " aluminum is a widely recognized neurotoxin that inhibits more than 200 biologically important functions and causes various adverse effects in plants, animals, and humans.  The relationship between aluminum exposure and neurodegenerative diseases, including dialysis encephalopathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Parkinsonism dementia in the Kii Peninsula and Guam, and Alzheimer's disease (AD) has been suggested".  

I mean this is just crazy...why are big cosmetic companies putting aluminum in their products anyway?  I am challenging you to go through your medicine cabinets and make up bags and read the ingredients on your lotions, creams, and cosmetics.  There is some VERY weird stuff in there that you probably don't know what the heck it is.  Not only that, but look at the Neutrogena label below and read the last line under the Directions portion.  Why does it say to ask a doctor if you should put this on your baby who is under 6 months of age?  It is marketed towards babies...this is just insane!!!

So what can you do about this?  Well, for one, supporting local companies, like Shoogie Company, that make healthier products, will help to drive the message that you are not wanting the crap that the industry giant companies are selling, and that you are no longer willing to subject your body to that kind of chemical punishment.  We all do what we can and try to live the best life that we can, why not do it in a way that not only helps yourself, but that helps others too. So buy Local and spread the word: #shoogiecompany, #allnatural, #organicskincare, #nomorechemicals.


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