Wine Wellness & 5K's

A new year means new resolutions...and this year is no exception.  This year I set a goal for myself to walk a 5K at least three times a week, rain or shine.  I also have this notion from being a mother to two wonderful kids, that time should not be wasted, and multi tasking is a must.  So when 5 o'clock hits, mama gets to cooking dinner and pours herself a glass of red know, for the heart it got me thinking...what if I combined my love of red wine with my loathing of exercising to make it more bearable...and it worked!

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:30pm I log in to Facebook and Instagram Live and my friend, and kind of neighbor, Hilary and I go to town demonstrating one exercise to torture ourselves with and build up our strength.  Then we walk like shorty shorts speed walkers minus the sweet head and wrist bands, with a lidded tumbler full of 5-6 ounces of the elixir of the gods...AKA red wine...and see if we can beat our time from the past week.
So far, so good.  Already, we have gotten a wine sponsor from a local downtown shop, Ocala Wine Experience, and my friends Megan and Mark Live broadcast in to tell us about the wines a few weeks ago...haven't had a bad recommendation yet from them nor do I expect to ever have one as they are lovers of yummy wine too.

This year also marks a new beginning for the company as I mailed out my first international shipment to Hong Kong!  I was over the moon about it actually, as it marks my first official international shipment to a complete stranger, not related to me, or not a friend of a friend.  So I guess the word is getting out about my small time, solely owned, skincare company.  I have been aiming for more professional looking product pictures and I am trying to remember to make videos of people using the products, even if it involves me filming myself putting "the green stuff" on my face...that glorious concoction is a french green clay...and it makes your skin feel smooth, soft and amazing after you rinse it off.
Yep...French Green Clay Masks on point... (L to R) Megan Whittaker, Hilary Hoover, & Olivia Ortiz (Shoogie Mama)

Two weeks ago, I made a video of how to clean your makeup brushes and face with the same facial soap bar that I make...again, this is another mom shortcut here.  I love creating products with more than one use that saves time.  Don't get me wrong, I love being pampered at the spa just as much as any other lady, but sometimes, "ain't nobody got time for that"!  Truth be told, a shorter regimen is easier to follow, and less stressful... especially when you have 5 mom minutes to get ready...If you're not a mom, the breakdown here is 5 snuck in minutes...probably not even consecutive minutes, where you can brush your teeth, run a brush through your hair, or maybe not even...just sweep that hot mess up into a high ponytail or messy bun, quickly wash your face and put some lotion on it for Pete's sake so your skin doesn't look even more frazzled than you are feeling trying to get your kids to do that too before you sweep them off to school.

So far so good...Now that I have my kiddos off to school, I am going to pour myself a "cuppa" coffee and sit in the beautiful sunshine on my front porch and check emails...because I can and because it is a glorious 72 degrees out this morning here in Florida.  I just un-molded my next batch of the facial soaps for this month...and I made some extras...because I sold out last month.  So if you want a morning routine shortcut, those black Facial Soaps that I make are the way to go baby!  Click the link below to get your hands on one before they are sold out.


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